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Woodlot Harvesting Limited (WHL) is an industry leading company specialising in harvesting woodlot forests in the Nelson/Marlborough region. The company is managed and operated by director Brad Pyers.

The company aims to maximise returns for woodlot owners while maintaining a safe, professional harvesting operation. Adopting the common saying of two heads is better than one, the companys hands-on staff bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, obtained locally and from abroad. Our staff aim to create a fresh, diverse approach to harvesting woodlot forests.

With a focus on value recovery (cutting the maximum out of every stem), efficient harvesting practices and a staunch attitude to safety, the company is able to cost effectively and efficiently deliver a unique harvesting operation that obtains the greatest possible return for the woodlot owner.

When Woodlot approached us for a website we were keen as mustard. Woodlot were a young Forestry company with some real growth set to make their mark on the industry. After our initial meetings we determined the purpose of the site, the target audience, the information to be relayed and the overall look and feel of the desired site.

With this in hand we got to work and create an HTML one page website that showcased the services, skills and equipment Woodlot had to offer. The Woodlot team already had some good text but lacked some professional photos. Apparently the boys don’t get out of the machines very often to take photos. Lisa, Brads wife took a good camera up to one of the skid sites on a sunny day and took photos of the crew as they worked. They subjects looked very uncomfortable and unnatural having a camera hanging around, but Lisa got some awesome images that day. They really help set the scene and show the scale of their operations.

Thanks to Brad, Lisa and the team at Woodlot Harvesting for giving us the opportunity to build your website.

Project url: http://www.woodlot.co.nz/

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