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At Long River we believe nature got the mix right. Our honey is not blended or altered. It is just as the bees intended. Perfect. Our Manuka honey tastes great and is good for you. Our Manuka apiary is located in beautiful Marahau next to the Abel Tasman National Park.

Without our bees there is no honey. We take great care to ensure our worker bees are well provided for. Our hives are in the best locations to ensure they continue to produce the highest quality products.

At Long River our approach to bee keeping is simple. Let the bees decide whats best for the bees. Our job is to provide them a home and keep them healthy.

Our hives stay put in the same location all year. We do not move our hives around or use them to pollinate crops or orchards. Our bee hives stay in one location and the bees have access to a wide selection of trees and bush to forage. We do not re-queen our bee hives with imported commerical queens. We leave it up to the bees to select when to replace a queen just as they would in the wild. This means the bees may not produce as much honey and may be more difficult to handle, but it does produce more natural honey and creates a stronger bee colony.

Long River Farm was one of our first ever HTML5 websites we created. It was my own project based on a hobby that became semi commercial once I started getting more hives and producing more honey. It was decided we need a website that would help promote the honey and be a source of information for customers to visit and learn more about how we operated. The original idea was to tell our story, make our products stand out and explain what we did different from other bee keepers. The website has generated a lot of sales over the years from all over the country and the world. Very proud of one of our first designs under the NZTEC banner.

Project url: http://www.longriverfarm.co.nz

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