Quentin Earle – Painter Decorator

  • Quentin Earle – Painter Decorator

I pride myself in ensuring that my customers and myself are safe at all times throughout the painting and decorating of your home or business. I will complete all necessary health and safety requirements and will induct you on to work sites where and when required.

I have completed necessary ‘working at height’ courses and ensure the use of harnesses and scaffolding where necessary. My own portable scaffolding allows me to reach interior and smaller areas safely and easily with less cost to the customer.

When we started the website design process with Quentin we pretty much had a logo and not much else. From there we developed the necessary information that would be needed, Quentin started collecting photos of projects he was working on and went through past project photos. We began with sample text and images and slowly replaced this as the content was created and images were selected. The website was built using the WordPress platform and slowly took shape as Quentin found time to collect the information. Once we had the bulk of the website in place the remain content came easier. It was much easier to have a visual reference throughout the process rather than collect all the information before starting.

Thanks to Quentin for the opportunity to build his website.

Project url: http://www.quentinearlepainting.co.nz/