• Bixil

Bixil began years ago with Jo’s creative brain, a love for working with fabrics and textiles and the love for sewing. Jo now uses these influences to create and design furniture upholstery and furnishings, including practical applications for the outdoors and marine.

Jo pride’s herself on the ability to work with people’s ideas and requirements and produce something that they can admire or something that can simply do the job!

She uses quality fabrics and materials, the right tools for the job, skills, expertise, imagination and passion to produce a high quality finish.

We got to know Jo at Bixil after we had some work done for us. Her work was amazing and her understanding of fabrics second to none. When she needed a website created she gave us a call. Being an artist Jo was very clear in her mind how she wanted her website to look. It needed a material looking texture to it and to be different than most. We built the Bixil website using the WordPress Platform. Jo put together the information and gathered photos for the website from her previous work. This all came together nicely in a test environment. Once Jo was happy we migrated the website to a production server where it lives today.

Thanks to Jo and Bixil for the chance to build your website.

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