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Bee Products NZ is based in beautiful sunny Nelson, New Zealand. The beehives are located in Manuka rich areas including the Marlborough sounds and on D’Urville island—A beautiful scenic area with some of the most untouched native forest in New Zealand.

The mix of talents within the family and staff compliment the overall outcome of our product range. Garry Davis the owner and CEO of G&K Davis limited and Jude Atkins an Garry Davis owners and directors of Bee products NZ have a strong passion for providing honest natural products from honey and bi products from bee hives. Our Site Manager Jess Breeze has many important roles including quality control, administration and exports. Hamish Ray, a graduate from the University of Otago with a PhD in Science, is involved in our product research, development and marketing.

Bee Products NZ came to NZTEC with the desire to build a website which would showcase their honey and bee products to a global market. After an initial meeting we worked together to build a website in a test environment. From here both content, product images and media were gathered and processed. We decided early to create the website using HTML5 and to take a one page approach. In the beginning there were a small number for products, but as the project went on the number of products grew. We decided to use accordions and tabs to display large amounts of information and images in just a small space. After the website had been live for 6 months the feedback from the team at Bee Products NZ was that it has been pivotal for their sales team and has allowed potential customers from around the world to quickly see the products and find out more information. It has answered many customers questions prior to contacting them and continues to be a great asset for the company.

Thanks to Gary, Jude, Jess and the whole team at Bee Products NZ for the opportunity.

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