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Aremango has an ambient and peaceful atmosphere which is perfect to help you slip into ‘Island time’. The large outdoor seating area is the perfect setting to chat & mingle with like-minded traveller’s, while your private rooms offer you privacy & a place to relax.

We are located in the Muri Beach area, which is situation on the south east side of the island. Muri Beach boasts some of the best snorkelling & water activities in the pristine, clear waters of the lagoon. Coconut trees line the shore with the small inlets of Koromiri & Taakoka just waiting to be explored. The white sandy beaches are a perfect backdrop to relax with your favourite book & truly enjoy the serene way of island life.

Its hard being a travelling Web Designer and having to leave cold old Nelson for the warm weather in Rarotonga, but someone has to do it. We were lucky enough to be asked to travel to Rarotonga to create several accommodation websites. Aremango was one of these. Their previous website had relevant information but was non responsive and looking a little outdated.

We took a a high spec DSLR camera and our 360 degree video camera to to Rarotonga and photographed Aremango inside and out. We also took drone footage to get a birds eyeview and to try and capture the surrounding environment. We met with the managers and discussed the new design and the features that were important to them. Once back in Nelson we got back to work (which was hard after the holiday, but easy with good material and content) on creating an amazing website. We created the website using HTML5 and wanted the images to help sell the destination to potential visitors. We kept it simple using a hero slider for the header and used a one page approach so it can be easily view on tablets and mobile devices.

Thanks to Brendon and Kelly for the opportunity to come to the island and to create the Aremango website. Mei Metaki

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