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Tasman Coachbuilders has been restoring and reproducing a wide range of cars and motorbikes to a showroom finish standard since 1994. Tasman Coachbuilders provides a full in-house service covering fabrication, engineering, upholstering, painting and electrical to ensure world-class standards are provided for their many clients.

Tasman Coachbuilders is owned and run by Richard Conlon. Richard’s was pre-destined to become one of the best coachbuilders in the world. His childhood was spent in the workshop under the guidance and tutorage of his father and Richard restored his first vintage motorcycle at the age of 15. This was a 1927 EW Douglas which was quickly followed by a 1917 Bard which he still owns today. After starting his career working in the luxury yacht industry, he realised his love of fine motor vehicles could not be denied so took a deep breath and opened his own shop in 1994.