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The New Zealand Police have had a sports division since 1961.  The original organisation was called the NZ Police Council of Sport and existed under that name until July 2013 when the administration rebranded to a more identifiable entity called simply Police Sport.

Currently our membership consists of around 4,500.  That number includes active police employees, both sworn constabulary and police employees, and also retired staff.  Our membership is the largest employee based sports body in New Zealand and reflects around 40% of all current serving police employees.

Having been a Police employee for 7 years prior to working as a web designer the opportunity to design the Police Sport website was a real privilege. I worked closely with Police Sport management who traveled down from Wellington to Nelson to meet. We discussed all the aspects of the new design and how they saw it working. After the initial meeting we got started creating the structure of the website using the WordPress platform. It was important that Police Sport staff were able to make updates to the site themselves in the future so WordPress was the best option. After several meetings and a lot of development time the website was put into production. We worked together to make modifications and include additional pages and features as needed. The website is used to relay information, results and event details to Police Sport Members.

Thanks to Dave, Tracey and the team at Police Sport for selecting NZTEC to create their website.

Project url: http://policesport.org.nz