Kahurangi Angus

  • Kahurangi Angus

Kahurangi Angus is located on the West Coast, in the Matiri Valley, North of Murchison township. The property has a balance of flats, lower hills and heads up into very steep native hill country with a Skyline to boundary Kahurangi National Park.

Yearling heifers are left on the native country over winter to fend for themselves. Heifers are then mated as yearlings to calve as R2s on the hill, unassisted, all females must rear a live calf every year Only Natural fertilizers are used on the lower hill country and flats with a reliance on clovers, lotus and other legumes to establish nitrogen into the mixed pastures. Structural soundness and Phenotype rank above EBV’s at Kahurangi Angus. However EBV’s are important and sound focus is also placed on them.