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Whether you are wanting a spare bedroom, office space, studio or just more space the Classic Cabins are a warm, dry and cosy solution.

We have two cabin designs. The Oxford where the ranch slider is positioned at the end of the cabin and the Panorama where the ranch slider is positioned down the side of the cabin. This gives you the option to choose a cabin that suits your property.

We also have one design of a storage shed. With this design the door is at one end with an opening of 1.2m wide x 2m high.

The best part? Our cabins are readily available to rent and can be delivered to you in the Nelson/Marlborough region, from Kaikoura to Collingwood. Classic Cabins takes care of it all.


Classic Cabins came to NZTEC as a new company and asked us to take care of their website. We got to work straight away and designed a website that can help rent more cabins. We designed the website, created the logo, setup the hosting, domain and email accounts. Thanks to team at Classic Cabins for giving us the opportunity to shine.