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Neighbourhood Support Nelson aims to create safe and friendly neighbourhoods, by helping neighbours connect and support each other through Neighbourhood Support groups.

We have a network of 400 groups in the Nelson city area, from Hira in the north to Stoke in the south. The groups enable neighbours to communicate and support one another in practical ways, such as keeping an eye on each others’ homes when people are away.

Knowing your neighbours helps prevent crime in your neighbourhood and gives you peace of mind should an emergency arise. It also makes your neighbourhood  a nicer place to live in.

Neighbourhood Support Nelson was the first WordPress website we produced under the NZTEC banner. When we were approached the original website was outdated and incomplete. We worked closely with NSN to determine who the target audience was, what information needed to be included and what the purpose of the website was. Once we had this information we got to work creating the structure of the site and placing the information in the correct locations. The team at NSN had a number of photos from previous events that we were able to use in the creation of the website. This helped make the website more relevant to the Nelson region.

Thanks to Neighbourhood Support Nelson for giving us the opportunity to create this website.

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