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Our collective desire to create our own skincare range, one that was pure, natural and highly effective using the amazing healing, nourishing and rejuvenating properties using our very own Manuka Honey, is what brought us together.

We are very proud of what we have accomplished, 3 Bee – Ultimate Natural Skincare is the result of our commitment, perseverance and absolute dedication to producing the highest quality skincare possible from the best natural ingredients available.

From the very start of the design process with the 3Bee website we had a clear understanding about the direction of the website. 3Bee had a graphic designer who worked on logos, graphics, colour schemes and the overall look and feel of the website. This information was well document which made the development of the website reasonably straight forward. The website is built using the Shopify platform. The promotional video on the homepage was shot using a local Nelson model and was filmed at Isle Park in Stoke. The images of the products were shot using a local photographer and these images were then clearcut at a third party to create transparent product shots. We also traveled with 3bee staff to Golden Bay with our drone and camera to capture some of the images used on the website and other promotional material. At NZTEC we bought all these elements together to create a truly amazing website that showcases the unique 3bee skincare and honey range.

Thanks to 3bee and all those involved in the creation of this website. A real team effort.


Project url: https://3bee.co.nz/

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