The Design Process

At NZTEC we follow a very simple design process from start to finish. We are flexible and no two projects are the same, but generally if we stick to the process we end up with a great product, on time and on budget. The key to our success is communication with the customer. From the initial meeting through to delivering the finished website we keep you in the loop the whole way. Contact us today and lets organise to meet. Best of all, the first hour is Free!
When you first get in contact with NZTEC about creating or redesigning a website we arrange a time to meet. This can be at your business, a cafe or at our office in Brightwater. During this meeting we can discuss your requirements, what you would like your website to do, timeframes, budgets, etc. This is a great time to bring along a list of any example websites you like the look or feel of. Its also a great opportunity to discuss what features, sections, information, media you would like included on your website. The more information you can bring to the initial meeting the better. Don't worry if you don't have everything or if you are not sure where to start. We can assist and offer ideas. Once we have as much information as possible we move to the planning stage.
Based on the information collected during the initial meeting we go away and start constructing the framework for your website that will best meet your needs, budgets and timeframes. We publish the website to a test server and allow the customer access to check on progress as it is made. Regular customer communication and feedback ensures the design is heading in the right direction design wise. During this time the customer can be collecting any additional information, photos, graphics, video or media that maybe needed for the website. We can assist with this and can recommend a number of local providers, photographers, technical writers, drone operators and graphic designers. Once we have the structure of the website approved by the customer we move to the coding stage.
This is the stage where we get stuck in and do what we do best. During the coding stage we take the website framework along with all the information and media from the client and put it all together into a smooth, well presented online experience. We focus on ensuring all aspects of the website function well and work as expected. We check the code thoroughly to ensure it is efficient, reliable and effective at meeting the customers requirements. We code using modern website technologies and always maintain SEO coding practices to increase the websites search engine rankings. The coding phase is heavily dependent on the flow of information and media from the customer. The faster we get the information the faster we can complete the website and get it online. Once the customer is completely happy with the structure, the feel and the information on the website we can then move to the delivery stage.
The delivery stage is where we take the website from the test environment and move it onto a webhost. Once connected to your domain name your website will then be online and live for your visitors to see. We can assist with web hosting services, registering domain names and setting up email accounts during this phase. Once your website is live and you are 100% happy we can hand the reins over to you, or we can provide ongoing modification services when needed. We work on an hourly rate for modifications so the occasional change will not cost you the earth. If you want to modify the website yourself we can run you through whats required and then leave you to it. Only once the website is delivered and you are 100% happy will we invoice you for the hours worked and the parts needed such as domain name, hosting, logo design etc. You then tell all your friends about what an amazing job we did and they contact us to help develop their websites.